fr. Mieczysław Maliński

I welcome you and invite you for a mutual journey.
To where? Into the wide world.
Into events that happen today, into what’s already behind us, but also into all that’s in front of us.
A lot is happening. And one has to choose between the transient, unimportant and between the important and lasting. Between what’s stable and concrete and what’s barely being signaled.
And we are trying to see, to hear and to judge, so that we are not deceived, so that we can take a stand, or possibly start a discussion. I live because I think - I think because I live. And this is what I share.
These are "frames" in "Tygodnik Powszechny" ("frames" -- because the texts are very short). Articles in "Dziennik Polski". And books. But I do not want to impose on you. I ask you to consider my point of view – which sometimes is like a twig stuck in the anthill, sometimes like a drink of cold water or like warming of frozen hands.
On Sunday, January 15, 2017, Father Mieczysław Maliński left for God.

But the website will continue to share his work.